8 Week Fitness Challenge


Our much beloved 8 Week Fitness program has returned and in a brand new format!

Starting in June, our 8 Week Program will include the following:

  • Structured, progressive weekly workout plan
  • Nutrition Meal/Plan
  • Sessions run by accredited Boxing & Fitness Coaches
  • Body Measurement Analysis

On top of us helping you achieve your fitness goals, the program will also be boasting an 8 Week Transformation & Dedication Challenge. This challenge offers points for your participation in the 8 Week Challenge and will lead to an amazing prize pack.

Participants will be able to earn points by doing the following:

  • 1 Point | Attending and Participating in Class
  • 1 Point | Geotagging or Checking in to Fighting Lyons on Instagram or Facebook
  • 2 Points | Tagging Fighting Lyons in a Post
  • 2 Points | Points gained for every Kg of fat lost
  • 3 Point | Points gained for every Kg of muscle gained
  • 5 Points | Signing a Friend up to a Fighting Lyons Membership

Want to shed some weight, gain muscle, and have a chance at winning an awesome prize pack?

Purchase an 8 Week Challenge Membership on our GloFox app before Monday 20th of June.