About Us


70A Keilor Rd, Essendon North VIC 3041


Fighting Lyons is a dynamic sports centre in Melbourne with access to highly decorated and experienced coaching staff. Members can participate and be trained in a range of different sports, including Taekwondo, Ninja Warrior, Acrobatics, Boxing, Parkour, general Fitness and Personal training.

Our qualified instructors will make sure you are motivated and bring out the best possible athlete you can be, whether your goals are recreational or competitive. Fighting Lyons is home to a dual Olympian, a two-time World Taekwondo champion, world-renowned and NICA-trained acrobatic performers, and many state and national champions in all disciplines.

From young beginners to seasoned athletes, Fighting Lyons offers a spirited and inviting community atmosphere in which anyone and everyone can thrive.

For more information about our establishment please navigate our website and explore what we have to offer, or reach out to us on social media.

You can also come in and enjoy the Fighting Lyons experience today with a free trial.


Our sports facility gives you an exciting range of sports to choose from for all ages:

  • TAEKWONDO: Traditional & Sports (Olympic)
  • ACROBATICS: Tumbling, Sports & Trampolining
  • NINJA WARRIOR: Open Classes, Technical Training & Competitions
  • BOXING: Self defence, Sports (Olympic) & Boxing Cardio (circuit)
  • PARENTS & CUBS: Boxing Cardio class with free child-minding services, open to anybody (with or without kids!)


We take a very personal approach to making sure you achieve all your intended goals. We also we take pride in helping you with your specific needs and believe every new and existing member of our establishment feels safe and belongs to a happy family environment.

Our training approach is highly personal and driven with a proven high success rate. Our instructors have developed State, National and International champions.

Our programs and class structures are designed to develop students to their full potential both mentally and physically also encouraging and promoting confidence, personal growth, health and fitness. Member participation in all fields of our facility can develop from beginners right through to advanced.