Ultimate Ninja Competitions

Welcome to Ultimate Junior Ninja and Ultimate Adult Ninja!

Each competitor will receive points based on their performance in the competition and will determine their finishing place on the podium.

Your finishing place, and your points collected in the competition, will go towards a final tally at the end of the year.

We will host a final event for Ultimate Junior Ninja and Ultimate Adult Ninja where the top male and female will be crowned! Book your spot asap to ensure a place in the competition and stay up to date with all competition news via Facebook and Instagram!


The Ultimate Junior Ninja competition is open to children Australia wide from ages 4-14.

Children competing in Ultimate Junior Ninja competitions will be sorted into the following age groups:

4 Year Olds

5 Year Olds

6 Year Olds

7-8 Year Olds

9-10 Year Olds

11-12 Year Olds

13-14 Year Olds

When entering an age group, competitors will enter in the age group based on their current age. They are also separated into Male and Female categories.

The Ultimate Adult Ninja competition is open to young adults and adults young at heart around Australia from ages 15+. In the spirit of Australian Ninja Warrior, competitors are not separated into age groups. However, they are still separated into Male and Female Categories.



Ultimate Junior Ninja Competitions typically start at 9am unless advised. Each age group is staggered throughout the day so competitors do not need to stay for the duration of the competition. Competitors and families will be supplied estimated timelines by Friday prior to the competition at the latest.

Ultimate Adult Ninja Competitions typically start at 3:30pm unless advised. Competitors entering UAN will be running the course simultaneously as we have multiple courses running on the day. Competitions generally run for 2 Р2.5 hours.


Cost: $30 – Registration is completed here and payment is provided on the day.



Round One: Sunday 27th of March (COMPLETED)

Round Two: Sunday 19th of June | Ninja vs Ninja (COMPLETED)

Round Three: Sunday 14th of August | Team Ninja (COMPLETED – Leaderboard Coming Soon!)

Round Four: Sunday 30th of October | Halloween Special!

Final Round: Sunday 13th of November | Final Round



Round One: Saturday 5th of February (COMPLETED)

Round Two: Saturday 2nd of April (COMPLETED)

Round Three: Saturday 7th of May (COMPLETED)

Round Four: Saturday 4th of June (COMPLETED)

Round Five: Sunday 14th of August (COMPLETED – Leaderboard Coming Soon!)

Round Six: Saturday 1st of October

Round Seven: Saturday 5th of November

Final Round: Saturday 3rd of December



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