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Introducing the Victorian Ninja League

Ninja Nation, Fighting Lyons, The Compound Training, and Geelong Ninjas have united to bring you an epic competition like never before! 🤝 Join us in the ultimate showcase of Ninja Warrior skill, ability, and camaraderie as we present the FIRST Victorian Ninja League!

📅 Competition Schedule:

📍 Ninja Nation – 11th Feb 2024 (Done)
📍 Fighting Lyons – 3rd Mar 2024 (Done)
📍 Geelong Ninjas – 5th May 2024
📍 The Compound Training – 2nd June 2024
🏅 How it Works:

Round-robin style event over 4 competitions
Athletes compete for their club to earn points
The club with the most points at the end wins the Victorian League Trophy

Individual Event Pass: $55
📅 Important Dates:

Registration Deadline: 1 week before each event

🖋 Register Now:
To secure your spot in the Victorian Ninja League! 🚀 Don’t miss the chance to be part of history and compete alongside the best ninja warriors in Victoria.

Get ready to unleash your inner ninja and conquer the Victorian Ninja League! 🥋🔥

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