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Late last year, Fighting Lyons received an email regarding a young boy by the name of Shija Zakaria. Shija grew up in the middle of the Government Housing Estate and his mother was desperate to find something to help keep her son away from trouble on the estate. As Shija loved sports and really wanted to do Taekwondo, Fighting Lyons looked like it could be the place where Shija could train and begin his martial arts journey.

After hearing the Zakaria’s story and wanting to help, we offered Shija a full scholarship to Fighting Lyons in any sport that he likes. He’s chosen Taekwondo and already has taken great strides, beginning training in our young Sparring classes at the early level of white belt.

Although he’s doing Taekwondo, by the sounds of his answers below, I think he might be seen on the trampoline in the near future!!

Have a read below and meet Shiji Zakaria.

Name: Shija Zakaria

Age: 9

School: St. Marys Primary School

Hobbies: Soccer, Taekwondo and Athletics

What do you want to be when you grow up? A pilot

Who’s your role model and why? My cousin Patrick. Patrick is a model and has made movies, now he helps his mum.

Why did you want to start Taekwondo? Because I was worries that I couldn’t look after or defend myself.

What’s your favourite thing about doing Taekwondo: I like going on the trampoline and learning how to flip

Why do you love Fighting Lyons? Because it’s fun, I get fit and I learn lots of things.


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